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Case Studies

Pen Testing: Medical - Staffing - Mortgage
Social Engineering: Hospital

Penetration Testing: Staffing Firm

High Bit Security (HBS) was engaged by a national staffing firm (SF) with offices across the United States, providing employment placement services across all business sectors. This firm stores extensive sensitive employee data, including personally identifiable information (PII), social security numbers, background check information, and employment history. To evaluate the security of their sensitive data, the SF engaged HBS to perform an external penetration test. We also performed an internal penetration test. Upon completion of the testing, we provided a 125 page detailed penetratin testing report.

External Penetration Testing Results

Internal Penetration Testing Results

Upon receipt of the testing results, the SF was able to review with their IT staff, and close security vulnerabilities on their external web applications, servers and internal systems. Once SF staff completed making corrections, HBS validated the vulnerabilities were remediated.