Deliverable Reports for Pen Test Engagements.
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Penetration Testing

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What Reports Are Generated During A Penetration Test?

Full Private Report

This is the report that is generated once the primary penetration testing engagement has concluded, and contains detailed information of what vulnerabilities were found, screen captures or other evidence, context specific definition of what it means, and specifics on how to correct the vulnerabilities.

You can see a sample of a full private report here.

Individual Finding Reports

The finding details section of the Full Private Report contains individual finding reports for all of the vulnerabilities identified. We also provide finding reports as separate pdf documents. This allows you to selectively distribute specific finding reports to the personnel who need them, without distributing the Full Private Report. This is particullary useful when you have outside resources responsible for some, but not all, of the scope of the test.

You can see a sample of an individual finding report here.

Remediation Checklist

The Full Private Report is also accompanied by a remediation checklist. If you will be requesting a remediation test from us, this document is required and will speed things up considerably by informing us about what you want us to re-test and what steps you took in remediation. If you do not intend to retest, it is still advisable to retain a record of the remediation steps taken. The provided checklist can be used for that purpose.

You can see a sample of a remediation checklist here.

Public Facing Reports

If you choose to perform remediation testing, after we confirm that all identified vulnerabilities have been corrected, we can provide a public facing report that confirms the scope of testing, when testing was performed and that all identified security vulnerabilities have been closed. This report does not contain any details of the vulnerabilities found or other sensitive information, and is suitable for distribution to clients, prospective clients, investors or other interested third parties as documentation of testing.

You can see a sample of a public facing report here.

Site Seals

Once you have a public facing report, you can also use our site seal on your website if you choose. You can see a sample of our site seal here.

The reports on this page are just links to samples of course, and what really matters is the information and effort that goes into them.

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