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Jon Coon, President, is a GWAPT certified web application penetration tester and CREST CPSA with previous certifications in GSEC, and CEH. He has almost 20 years of experience in application and network security, incident response and policy development. Jon conducted his first application layer penetration test in 2001.

Jon's past experience includes over fifteen years programming experience in client-server, database, web and e-commerce applications in several languages, architectures and platforms. In addition to conventional programming, his experience includes having personally written PCI compliant web application firewall solutions, encryption key management solutions, and central logging solutions.

He has personally conducted hundreds of penetration tests, including testing and subsequently compromising systems housing national law enforcement data, systems requiring HIPPA compliance, and numerous private, municipal, county and state government systems.

Testing Team

Everyone involved in a penetration test for High Bit Security meets the following criteria:

  • has passed a civil and criminal background check,
  • is a direct employee of High Bit Security,
  • is trained from the ground up, in house, at our own training facilities,
  • is certified through well recognized outside certification sources such as GIAC or CREST, or is in training and on a certification path.

All certified penetration testers are trained inside, certified outside, have at least one year of employment history with us and at least 1,000 hours of supervised, hands on experience with live engagements.

Our published prices for all of our penetration testing is based on in house, on site, direct employee testing. No remote contractors are used for any High Bit Security penetration testing.