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Partnering with High Bit Security

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General IT Security Consultants.

Penetration testing is a highly specialized field, and it pays to use a vendor who is trusted, affordable, tightly focused and experienced with multiple compliance mandates and objectives.

Many times, however, penetration testing is only one part of a larger overall objective or project. High Bit Security has many partners in the IT Security Consulting field, and we also work closely with Data Centers and Business Merger and Acquistion consultants. Please refer to each of those pages for information more relevant to HIPAA/HITECH, PCI-DSS, Business Acquisitions and Mergers, and Data Centers.

We also often work with General IT Security consultants, although we don't have a specific page because we don't know what your specific needs might be, we can say this: Penetration testing involves more than just knowing how to use the tools, perform the testing and write the reports. Just as it would not be enough for a consultant to know the technical aspects of the work, it is likewise not enough for penetration testing. It requires a solid business process if you want a positive experience for clients. We have constantly developed and refined our business process, including client communications that foster well understood and well executed engagements. You have to know how to help the client, and we do.

Our largest consulting partner is a billion dollar annual revenue company with over 10,000 employees. Our smallest partners are single consultant firms. We always welcome inquiries from new potential partners, large or small.

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