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Site Seal Validation Page

High Bit Security offers a Site Seal for websites and other systems that pass our rigorous penetration testing.

Our clients can't get our site seal by 'scanning', or by 'using ssl', or by any other easy method. Getting this seal means undergoing our thorough penetration testing, and then correcting everything we report to them, from low severity faults to critical. Our clients spend significant money for real penetration testers, and then work hard to correct any identified faults.

This is a seal worth having, and this is the validation page for the site seal link you followed:

High Bit Security, LLC, PO Box 533, Port Sanilac MI, 48469
Public Penetration Testing Assessment Report

Date: 8/31/2016

High Bit Security performed a penetration test for XOrg, Inc. on 8/23/2016 encompassing the scope described below:

Hosts in Scope (By IP Address)

Applications in Scope (By URL)

Test Limitations
Testing did not include denial of service, memory corruption or social engineering

The penetration test was conducted by High Bit Security’s certified security engineers. If we identified security vulnerabilities we provided remediation advice. High Bit Security performed a remediation test on 8/31/2016 and confirmed that all identified vulnerabilities were either corrected or had been adequately addressed through other controls.

High Bit Security used both automated and manual efforts in penetration testing. Subject to any limitations given above, web applications received testing for all vulnerabilities defined in the current OWASP testing guide, not just the OWASP top ten. Any firewalls, other network devices or supporting hosts identified by IP above were evaluated for common misconfiguration and conformance to security best practices.

High Bit Security clients are required to correct all identified faults, including low severity faults, before we will issue this report with a site seal. While no application or system can be 100% secure, all of our security findings were corrected or addressed and it is our opinion that the applications tested are reasonably well written from a security perspective and the applications and supporting systems are deployed, configured and implemented in a secure manner.


High Bit Security conducted this testing on the applications and systems that existed as of 8/23/2016. Information security threats are continually changing, with new vulnerabilities discovered on a daily basis, and no application can ever be 100% secure no matter how much security testing is conducted. This report is intended only to provide documentation that XOrg, Inc. has corrected all findings noted by High Bit Security as of 8/31/2016. This report cannot and does not protect against personal or business loss as the result of use of the applications or systems described. High Bit Security offers no warranties, representations or legal certifications concerning the applications or systems we test. All software includes defects: nothing in this document is intended to represent or warrant that security testing was complete and without error, nor does this document represent or warrant that the application tested is suitable to task, free of other defects than reported, fully compliant with any industry standards, or fully compatible with any operating system, hardware, or other application. By using this information you agree that High Bit Security shall be held harmless.