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Yes, we publish our prices.

In this section, we define what a penetration test is, why you should have it, why you may want to use us, what types we perform, the reports we give you, and finally, our standard, very affordable and competitive rates.

You probably don't need to pay more for better testing - you may just need to hire a better partner. Read More


Yes, we publish our methodologies.

Starting with safety and stability, we cover our basic penetration testing methodology, including our most common tools and techniques, for the two most frequent types of testing we do, Network and Web Application penetration tests.

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When evaluating penetration testing vendors to recommend or partner with, it pays to look for a vendor who is trusted, affordable, and focused on clear communication and engagement safety.

High Bit Security has open pricing, published methods, tight safety and stabiliy standards and an enduring reputation as a partner you can trust with your clients. Read More