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Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing - Why Pen Test - Why High Bit Penetration Testing - Types of penetration tests - Penetration Test Reports - Penetration Test Cost

What: Penetration Testing as Performed by High Bit Security

Penetration Testing is an engagement by a professional security team that will assess in scope systems, and provide clear identification and direction regarding vulnerabilities (or ways that in scope systems and devices) could be penetrated. High Bit’s security engineers are US Citizens with thorough background checks. They are certified in security testing (GWAPT, GPEN, CEH and more) and can develop in numerous programming languages on multiple operating systems.

A penetration test is also referred to as pen testing, pentest, security testing, security penetration testing, security evaluation, intrusion detection, white hat attack, hacking assault, ethical hacking, vulnerability assessment, vulnerability exploitation, check testing (UK), penetration scan, and more. Regardless what you call it, our clients engage us to attempt to penetrate their network, system, website, APIs, to identify vulnerabilities that could be used to get inside their networks and steal their sensitive information, highjack their website to deface or reroute to another site, or use web vulnerabilities to obtain access to internal systems. During an internal penetration testing engagement, we determine what vulnerabilities could be exploited on the internal network when the hackers gain access. We perform this service for virtually any company that has data stored on their system and wants to keep it out of the hands of cyber criminals. We test customer systems, show them where the security holes are, and then provide specific instructions on how to secure their systems.